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Displaying an aptitude for the arts early on, Alison Westborn has cemented herself as one of today's emerging leaders in the field. With an affinity for nature & the elements, her works are reminiscent of Florida's natural color palette and her Redwood City, CA roots.

Launching her first exhibit in a laundromat, she challenged the audience to think outside traditional constructs, whilst making art accessible in a way that brought the community together, and created a sense of intimacy. Her desire is to open up dialogue at the deepest level possible by utilizing an array of textures, light and scent to elevate the visionary experience.

Westborn strives to leave a legacy that encourages people to find the good in everything, cultivate joy, and to take care of each other.

All of which is salient throughout her work and life.


Be Free.

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Be Free.

Alison Westborn

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